The Indian River Citrus District

indian river citrus districtThe Indian River Citrus District comprises a narrow strip of land on the eastern seaboard of the State of Florida, stretching about 200 miles from the Daytona Beach area to West Palm Beach. It is so narrow that out of the six counties that make up the district, St. Lucie County is the only one wholly within its boundaries.

During the 1920's, the Indian River name had become so well known that growers of citrus in other areas of the State of Florida began describing their fruit as "Indian River." Growers in the district became concerned over the misuse of the name and several influential growers, led by the late Will Fee of Fort Pierce, urged growers to join in a conservative action to stop this infringement.

bag of citrus fruitThe Federal Trade Commission issued a "cease and desist" order in 1930 prohibiting the use of the term "Indian River" on citrus not grown in the Indian River Citrus District. Soon thereafter, in 1931, the Indian River Citrus League was formed. You may visit their website at

The Indian River Citrus District's premium crop has been, and will continue to be, grapefruit. Currently, the District raises 75% of the total grapefruit crop grown in the State of Florida. Three out of every four grapefruit that leave the State of Florida come from this district.

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