Fish Identification Diagram

Diagram appears twice on this page for ease of reference.
[ Sketch ]
1. Total Length 2. Fork Length
3. Standard Length 4. Head Length
5. Snout Length 6. Caudal peduncle (where the body attaches to the tail)
7. Fin rays, spinous (unsegmented) and soft (segmented) 8. First (spinous) dorsal fin
9. Second (soft) dorsal fin 10. Pectoral fin
11. Pelvic (ventral) fin 12. Anal fin
13. Finlet 14. Caudal (tail) fin
15. Lateral line 16. Scutes (bone-like projections
17. Opercle (gill cover) 18. Preopercle (cheek)
19. Interopercle 20. Adipose eyelid
21. Supramaxilla (rear portion of upper jaw bone) 22. Premaxilla (forward portion of upper jaw bone)
[ Sketch ]

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