Fish Identification


Florida's regulated fish and their look-alikes
Illustrations by Diane Rome Peebles


Index by Common Name

Organization of Fish Identification Section
For those unfamiliar with the parts of a fish, a diagram is included for reference.

Description: the details most readily observed have been given top priority, since the angler has only moments to decide whether a fish is or is not a legal catch. Fin-ray counts are supplied when essential.

Similar Fish: many fish have "look-alikes," other fish that resemble them closely. In such instances, the most readily seen differences are given.

Where found: although the ocean has no fences, many fish are locked into particular habitats, information that often tells the angler where to drop the hook.

Size: anglers usually judge the size of a fish by its weight, which simplifies record keeping. Scientists use length, since age/length relationships are more reliable than age/weight.
Note: The Florida records quoted are from the Department of Environmental Protection's printed publication, Fishing Lines and are not necessarily the most current ones. The records are provided as only as a benchmark.

Remarks: this includes the fish's life history (if known), behavior, and feeding habits.

Source: Fishing Lines, a Department of Environmental Protection publication.

Index by common name

Billfishes: Blue Marlin | Longbill Spearfish | Sailfish | White Marlin
Bluefishes: Bluefish
Bonefishes: Bonefish
Cobia: Cobia (ling)
Dolphins: Dolphin
Drums: Atlantic Croaker | Black Drum | Red Drum (redfish) | Sand Seatrout | Silver Seatrout | Spotted Seatrout | Silver Perch (yellowtail) | Weakfish
Flounders: (Lefteye Flounders) Gulf Flounder
& Sea Basses
Black Grouper | Gag | Jewfish | Nassau Grouper | Red Grouper | Scamp | Yellowfin Grouper | Yellowmouth Grouper
Grunts: White Grunt
Herrings: American Shad
& Pompanos
Almaco Jack | Banded Rudderfish | Blue Runner | Cervalle Jack | Greater Amberjack | Lesser Amberjack
Mackerels & Tunas: Cero | King Mackerel | Spanish Mackerel
Mullets: Fantail Mullet | Striped (Black) Mullet
& Jacks
Florida Pompano | Palometa | Permit
Porgies: Sheepshead
Sea Basses:
& Grouper
Bank Sea Bass | Black Sea Bass | Rock Sea Bass
Sharks: Atlantic Sharpnose Shark | Bonnethead Shark | Sandbar Shark | Scalloped Hammerhead | Shortfin Maco
Snappers: Blackfin Snapper | Cubera Snapper | Dog Snapper | Gray Snapper | Lane Snapper | Mahogany Snapper | Mutton Snapper | Queen Snapper | Red Snapper | Schoolmaster | Silk Snapper | Vermilion Snapper | Yellowtail Snapper
Snooks: Fat Snook | Common Snook | Swordspine Snook | Tarpon Snook
Spadefishes: Atlantic Spadefish
Swordfishes: Swordfish
Tarpons: Ladyfish | Tarpon

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