Property Appraisal Calendar
for Indian River County

All Year: May prefile for exemptions and classifications for next year.

January 1: Assessment Date. All values, exemptions and classifications are determined as of this date each year.

March 1: Last day to file for any exemption or classification for the current year.

March 2 thru end of TRIM Period: Late filing of Homestead, with $15.00 fee and hardship reason for having missed March 1 deadline.

April 1: Last day to file Tangible Personal Property return without penalty.

April 1 - June 30: Property Appraiser must notify applicant for exemption or classification IF DENIED.

August: Property Appraiser mails "TRIM" notice (Notice of Proprosed Property Taxes) to all property owners. This notice is a review of the tax roll and contains your ASSESSED VALUE as well as information on protests and exemptions.

August - September: 25 day period, starting with mailing of notices, in which you may discuss your value with the Property Appraiser's staff, or discuss government spending with taxing authorities. Dates of Public Hearings on budgets (taxes) are on the TRIM notice. LAST DAY TO FILE PROTEST OF VALUATION is contained in the TRIM notice. It is difficult to reduce assessments after this date.

Late September: VALUE ADJUSTMENT BOARD meets to review challenges to Appraiser's assessed value. You must pay a filing fee and complete a petition form, which MUST BE FILED BY THE DEADLINE stated in the TRIM notice.

About October 10: The tax roll is certified to the Tax Collector. It is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to change assessments after this date.

November 1: Tax Collector mails Tax Bills.

60 Days after Certification: Last day to file suit in Circuit Court to protest assessment or exemption decisions.

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