Homestead Exemption Requirements

Under the Florida Homestead Exemption law, no municipal or county taxes are levied against the first $25,000 of valuation of a home occupied by its owners except for special assessments.

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Proof of Florida Residency must be provided when applying for the Homestead Exemption.

  1. Florida Voter's Registration (if you vote)
  2. Florida Drivers License (if you drive)
  3. Florida Registration for Car (if you own a car)
  4. Recorded Deed for Property
  5. Current Electrical Receipt for Service in Your Name Prior to January 1
  6. Social Security Number (all owners)

Items 1 - 5 must be obtained before January 1, of the year you file. Bring all of the above for all owners appearing on the deed. If you do not vote, drive, or own a car, a declaration of domicile can prove Florida residency. As of January 1, 1995, all applicants are required to sign the application for Homestead Exemption.

The Legislature has provided relief in the form of tax deferment for those owning homestead property who may need it. Please contact the Tax Collector for details.

AMENDMENT 10 - Effective January 1, 1994. Limits assessment increases on most Homestead property to the lesser of the Cost of Living Index or 3%.

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