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In an emergency, dial 911. The Indian River County Emergency Services Department responds to 911 calls with Advanced Life Support.

Non-Emergency Transportation
COA Van The Indian River County Council on Aging coordinates all non-emergency medical transportation for those needing wheelchairs and stretchers or other assistance, as well as for unassisted transport to and from home and hospitals, doctors' offices and other medical facilities. It is the coordinator for all Medicaid transportation.

The Council on Aging is the County Community Transportation Cooridinator for all transportation-disadvantaged needs, including medical, nutritional, education, employment, recreational and other life-sustaining transportation needs. Responsibilities encompass such transportation for all residents, not just the elderly.

By law, all Medicaid-eligible persons must arrange their non-emergency transportation through the Council on Aging.

Public Transportation
A public transportation system is provided for all residents by the Council on Aging five days a week. The fleet consists of 24 passenger trollys, 16 passenger buses, vans, and station wagons.

Additional information about the public transportation system is found at the Community Coach, Council on Aging page.

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