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Connecting to IRENE
Sign up on-line or in person.

Everyone is entitled to have one Community Service Plan account. IRENE is your community resource. For additional information on our various access plans, please visit the Internet Access information at Vetrol Data System's web site.

You may set up your free community access account remotely using the text based-system:

  • telnet://irwin.vetrol.com or
    Dial 772-567-0455; parameters 8-N-1; modem speed 28.8 (free lines)
  • Sign on as "new" and follow the instructions.
  • Once your account is verified, you may then apply for internet access and/or upgrade your account status.

For internet access or to upgrade to an IRENE Sponsorship plan, come to Vetrol Data System's office: 2500 13th Avenue in Vero Beach. Telephone: 562-1621

For internet access accounts you will need to:

  • Provide identification (photo id, driver's license)
  • Be accompanied by parent or legal guardian with proof of status if under 18
  • Read the Internet Access Agreement
  • Sign the agreement and pay a one-time $10.00 registration fee

Our system is a community system and we require that all accounts and identification be verified. In favor of this strict registration policy, let me tell you a story:

A man came into the office one day, requesting an internet account. He said he traveled and was frequently in Vero and wanted a local provider since his AOL and CompuServe accounts were too expensive for extended internet use.

He said he understood that this was the education network and that we had a lot of children on-line. He further said that as a father himself, he was extremely concerned about what his children were exposed to and was glad to know that our system existed.

He was filling out the form and started to put in an alias instead of his real name for the account. I reminded him that we use the first 7 characters of the last name plus the first initial. He grumbled a bit about "staying anonymous" then changed it on the form.

The forms completed, agreement signed, he started to give me cash for the sign-up fee and 20 hours of access time. I reminded him I needed to verify his identification first and asked for his driver's license. At this point he got up, made some nasty remarks about how much hassle this was and stormed out!

Question - Was he trying to hide something? Would you have wanted this person on our system?


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