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What does IRENE cost?
How does FREE sound?

The Community Service Plan provides free access for up to 1 hour per day with unrestricted use of the systems modules like e-mail, teleconference, public forums, file transfer, etc. Add internet access to the account and send mail or visit places all over the world for Free! This access is limited to our lower speed modems only.

The IRENE Sponsorship plans help cover the cost of the Community Service plan. These plans provide access to the bank of high-speed modems. Based on the usage, plans are available starting as low as $4.95 per month for one plan or less than $0.50/hour with no monthly minimums required. We can also provide dedicated service connections.

The thinking behind our plans is:

  1. Many people only use the system occasionally and don't need a monthly plan.
  2. There needed to be a way for our visitors and seasonal residents to have affordable access while they are in town.
  3. Parents (as well as some individuals and businesses) want to limit the amount of time per day spent on the system.
  4. There must be flexibility to extend the daily use for occasional long file transfers, research or just plain fun.
  5. The fee structure must allow IRENE to maintain an acceptable ratio of users to telephone lines.
  6. Telephone companies, cable companies etc. will be entering the service provider market soon and providing unlimited access for a monthly fee however it is unlikely that they will address the needs of the occasional user or those wishing to limit the time on line per day.

To learn more about the access plans, visit the Internet Access page.


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