Learning in Indian River County

Why pay to access IRENE if it's available free?
Lots of reasons!

Only a portion of IRENE's connections are available under the free community service access plan. Those lines may become busy, particularly when school is out. We've provided you with a few of the normal and charitable reasons why you would want to pay to access IRENE.

The normal reasons include:

  1. No monthly contracts required
  2. Plans can be changed without penalty
  3. Virtually unlimited telephone support
  4. SLIP/PPP connectivity option
  5. Less competition for lines
  6. and all the other reasons that any competent internet service provider can supply.

The charitable reasons include:

  1. IRENE Sponsorship Plan dollars help maintain the free community network
  2. By supporting IRENE you help insure a more rapid growth in a system that is:
    • the only system that was designed with the education, health and welfare needs of the people of Indian River County as its primary concern.
    • is the only local system who's plans and objectives qualified for both state and federal grant money.
    • has attracted national attention and visitors to see how a local telecomputing system can benefit a community.
  3. Supporting IRENE lets you help the "technologically disadvantaged":
    • access all the learning and self-help information available on the internet.
    • home-bound members of our community feel less isolated and alone.
  4. IRENE is the only system that is providing the "home-school connection" infrastructure
  5. Supporting IRENE is a very inexpensive way to invest in the future of a child in our community.
  6. Supporting IRENE gives you the satisfaction of knowing that dollars you would have spent anyway are making a difference to your community.

If you need any more reasons, just ask any one of the many dedicated people why they have invested so much of their time and energy into the IRENE project.


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