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Where is IRENE today?

IRENE is known as the FREE education network in Vero Beach and Indian River County. As a part of the community's telecomputing system, IRENE must address the needs of a wide range of users. A primary concern is having IRENE's functions and content available to all members of our community.

But IRENE is more than just a free community service bbs. It is also:

  1. A gateway to the world of information and resources on the internet.
  2. The base for the "home-school connection".
  3. An area for public and private chat rooms.
  4. A base for public and special interest forums.
  5. Customized for areas of special need.

Our users may choose graphic or text access to both IRENE and the internet. On the base system we are running Worldgroup and Major TCP/IP for our internet connection. We provide a public version of lynx (a text based web browser) with an unrestricted "go to" command.

As IRENE continues to grow, the ratio of users to high speed modems is constantly monitored so that the ratio never exceeds acceptable standards. The School District of Indian River County has provided additional free access lines.

As the internet continues to grow in use and popularity, most of the information has been converted to web browser access. The local system is now primarily used for local chat rooms, e-mail and as a gateway to additional resources.

IRENE remains a valuable community resource that will continue to address the needs of all our residents.


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