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How IRENE's internet web sites came to be.
Well, to continue the story...

It seemed like a godsend when a gentleman appeared and offered to combine his web design skills with mine in return for a share of future profits generated. Sounded like a fair arrangement, but he was advised that it would take quite some time until any income would be generated since the community service areas were the first priority. I also required written permission to use any copyrighted materials and approval of any interested parties before the information was posted on the web.

Unfortunately, a few months down the road the gentleman felt that the verification procedures were taking too long and decided to go his own way. With that, he took all the information that had been in development, posted it on the net and slapped a copyright notice on it. Back to square one. So much for assistance in developing IRENE's community information site.

A fresh start in July of 1995. Like so many other sites on the internet, it took on a life of its own. Today, the time required for updating and adding new information in the community service areas is still provided free of charge by the Internet Division of Vetrol Data Systems. Additionally, now that there are no other partners or entities involved, we are able to donate all fees collected for commercial web page design and site development to help fund IRENE.

We do encourge and accept interns to help. Once the skill level is high enough to warrant it, interns are permitted to work on "for pay" sites, with the client's knowledge and permission, and are entitled to receive compensation as a sub-contractor.

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