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Substance Abuse Council

Dedicated to Drug Prevention Education

Community Education and Speakers Bureau:
Speakers are available to address any community group. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a speaker for your club or organization.

Drug-Free Workplace Education and Awareness Program:
Meet the requirements of Florida Statute 440.102. Fee based program includes presentation, materials, establishment of a Drug-Free workplace policy resource directory and the educational component of the Drug-Free Workplace.

Lending library:
A free resource for anyone who needs more information on substance abuse - how to recognize it and how to stop it! This service is utilized by professionals in the field, students, parents and other residents who want to become more knowledgeable about drug abuse. Available materials include videos, books and pamphlets on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and substance abuse.

Newspaper Educational Column:
A Press Journal bi-monthly column in question and answer format is used to increase the community awareness of the Council's services and to provide education.

Information and referral service:
Free service covering local, state and out-of-town substance abuse service providers. Utilized most frequently by parents of adolescents and provides a "safe" confidential contact able to provide information and direction during usually very emotional times.

Drug-Free Events:
Educational and drug-free activities for families and youths in our community. Events are frequently a cooperative effort with other community agencies.

Teens Acting Responsibly Global Entertainment Troupe.

Monthly Newsletter:
Letting you know how we're helping families in our community to stay drug-free.

Administration of the Federal Anti-Drug Abuse Grant:
The Council provides administrative oversight and technical assistance to projects selected to receive grant funds.

PRIDE Survey Administration & Planning:
The PRIDE (Parents' Resource Institute for Drug Education) Survey is a drug use prevalence survey administered to a random sampling of students in grades 4 through 12.

By administering the PRIDE Survey the Substance Abuse Council offers the community a chance to listen to our children about drugs, violence and being afraid. Results are shared with the community through the annual Press Journal Suppliment and are utilized when planning educational programs.

Dedicated to Drug Prevention Education
Indian River County students are telling us that the majority of our teens are drinking and about half of our teens are using some drug or another and more than one half are afraid of being hurt.

Our children are obtaining and using tobacco, alcohol and other drugs at an earlier and earlier age and using them at an alarming rate, substantially above the national average.

Today's children will shape the future of our community. We have an obligation to educate our children about the harmful effects that the use of these substances will have on their bodies, minds and futures. Along with education we offer drug-free alternative activities for our children and the families of our community.

Substance Abuse Council, United Way A United Way Agency.


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