Birth of a resource...
The Resume Exchange

In 1994, Stac Storage and Communications, a California company acquired the Reach Out software package through the acquisition of a Vero Beach firm, Ocean Isle. The facilities were expanded and the work force remained stable at approximately 70 people.

Without warning, in May of 1995, the division became a victim of down sizing. To help during the employment transition, the Vice President of Operations personally worked with Vetrol Data Systems, Inc. to make this resource available.

Congratulations to Stac for its concern for people.

Submitting a Resume
Today, this area serves as a place where individuals may post their resumes. We do not charge for this service but do request that the information be provided as an attachment, named "resume.txt" This message must be in DOS ASCII text. Send your e-mail and attachment to: at the Internet Division of Vetrol Data Systems, Inc.

Please check your resume in NOTEPAD before sending it. If it appears strange (lots of spaces, funny characters, or anything else) look in your "save as" options and select the one that says either text for DOS or MS-DOS and check it again. Sorry for the inconvenience, but unfortunately, we don't have the time to unencode or translate multiple file formats. to see what it should look like, I've included an example:
Resumes submitted that fail to meet the requirements will take longer to process (could be up to 8 weeks, depending on the work-load around here when we get your resume!)

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Resume Exchange

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